Vehicle Accident Damage Appraisal

The requirements for estimating and assessing vehicle accident damage have developed over recent years, with a distinct need to redefine this process. Using cutting edge equipment and technology to assist and aid appraisal of damaged vehicles, VADA represents this change.

VADA is a principle and process that seeks to give an all-encompassing report. From wheel alignment to vehicle systems health and repair methods, reaching an ultimate overall repair costing that is evidenced and informed.

The VADA process

All vehicles undergo a VADA 10 point safety assessment, covering all aspects of the vehicle cosmetics, structure and systems. Starting with a full external visual appraisal, every vehicle is subsequently taken through a full geometry and body assessment using high level digital measurement equipment.

VADA gives a forensic level of detail, looking beneath the surface with digitally accurate measuring technology. Structural dimensions of a vehicle can be referenced against manufacturer data - ensuring absolute accuracy. By following manufacturer methods, VADA delivers a comprehensive and detailed report with ease.

Benefits of using VADA

Improved cycle time, a result of reduction in unnecessary delays due to unforeseen damage which cannot be identified with a standard visual inspection. We ensure all repair methods are aligned with manufacturer methods and tolerances, with an all in one in depth process covering all vehicle structure and system checks.

VADA is a unique clinical and disciplined process developed to meet the specific needs of modern vehicle repair. By triaging a vehicle prior to repair, all aspects of repair are streamlined and taken to an unprecedented level of precision

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